Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rumors About Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze(Wii) -Update New Rumors

Just hear rumors abouut it dont know if it could exist like climax heroes W and OOO. Climax Heroes Fourze to be said same platform as climax heroes OOO and before. Like the main character form climax heroes OOO will be Fourze. More rumors says that Climax Heroes Fourze has OOO Tajadoru , OOO PuToTyra, OOO Burakawani and Birth. Mostly they said rider from showa era will be playable for this game.Like be seen in Battle Ganbaride has showa era rider to be play. Maybe the game will be make after the succes of Super Sentai Wii game.

4/9/2011- SUNDAY

Based on new in Japan Playstation Magazine, climax heroes Fourze will have OOO PuToTyra and OOO TaJaDoRu.

Base on the magazine, the upcoming game platform is only PSP and Wii.

Confirm Showa Era rider available
- Ichigo
- Nigo
- V3
- Amazon
- Black
- Black RX + BioRider
- Shadowmoon

Maybe they will use the same model from Battle Ganbaride.
See these picture

Some gameplay


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