Friday, July 15, 2011

My first Bike Mods for Gta SA

i convert this dragranzer from kamen rider climax heroes ooo
attached pcj body with the dragranzer. have a bad texture on right side and the tyre not meet the dragon hand.

better than v1 but smaller than older version. the dragon hand fix but the older engine texture has been deleted and replace with pcj body. the handgrip still not fix its position and the front light is not at the dragon mouth.
exhaust still not fix. Ahh this take more time to finisher it properly.

V3.0 5/8/2011

Ah ,finally the v3 release here. After a long time leave this bike unfinished. One of my friend support me to continue for it.You can see the link on other dragranzer post.

- use original dragranzer tyre(may wiggle a bit)
- use original dragranzer body engine with some pcj body

Thats all !

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