Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarita is Happy

My Tio Juan and my Tia Christina came home today. Sarita is very excited to see them. I think they had a good trip. Because they can't stop smiling! They brought us all back something too. I got a pretty pearl necklace.

All my tios sent them to Hawaii. I think they were gone for a month. My Nono said that they needed some time away. Because they've been taking care of Sarita since she was a baby. They spend most of their time at the hospital. My Nana, Nono, and Dad took turns watching Sarita. I know she had a good time!

It snowed here on Tuesday. We live in the desert. But this year, we have had a lot of snow. It's been fun to play in! But my Tio Juan said it was a big change for him! I think they just got used to being on the beach. :)

I'm glad they're back. We all missed them! My Nana, Nono, and I have been praying for a baby too! We're not supposed to say anything. But My Tio and Tia are trying to have another baby. It could help Sarita. I hope God sends them another angel. :) C

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