Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sarita Wants One

Last Wednesday, Sarita's parents went on a vacation. So she's staying here with us. So is our Nono. He came back with my Dad, my abuelitas, and me after New Years.

This afternoon Sarita and I were looking at Ruby's blog. Our Nono was making dinner. And we found this.

This is the front of the pillow. It's like a Dollhouse. Sarita really wants one.

This is the back. It has little rooms. She really liked that!

You can even climb inside it. And take a nap. Sarita would fit inside too! She's tiny. The doctors said that she's not growing because of her sickness. But when she starts her recovery, she'll catch up.

But she really likes this pillow! And our Nono searched for one to buy for her. But he couldn't find one. :( I wonder if we should write to Mrs. Ruby. Do you think she would make one if our Nono would pay her for it? :) C

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