Monday, February 1, 2010

Your Questions Answered

One of the best things about Google Analytics is that it tells you what it was that people searched for which led them to your site. Here's the top 10 search terms so far:
  1. neuroskeptic 3,973
  2. best antidepressant 3,429
  3. how to read minds 3,377
  4. why do we sleep 1,742
  5. st john's wort 903
  6. st johns wort 734
  7. st. john's wort 588
  8. legal highs 446
  9. the best antidepressant 432
  10. what is the best antidepressant 426
None of this is too surprising, although the number of people wanting to know which is the best antidepressant is a little concerning, since the short answer is that there is no one best antidepressant, because everyone responds differently to each drug. Although I've discussed research about the relative effectiveness of different antidepressants, there's still no substitute for a doctor's professional opinion.

When it comes to the bottom search terms, however, there are surprises round every corner. Here are some of the things that, curiously, only one person has yet asked.
what's is that's mean function
I don't know. Good question, though.
how to be a neuroskeptic reader
Well, reading Neuroskeptic is a good start, but you have to send me £1,000 to qualify as an official reader.
I'm not sure which is the bigger mystery: why did someone search for this, and why did it lead them here?
why is my wife suddenly more sexually active
She could be bipolar and entering a manic phase, or she might have started using drugs, but if were you, I'd worry about that later and enjoy it instead of Googling for explanations.
why do we sleep? describe the course of a typical night's sleep and some of the effects of sleep deprivation.
This is one of the many searches that are clearly students looking for material to plagiarise for a paper they have to write. A warning: if I ever catch a student of mine doing this, you will get an automatic F. Although I'll also give you bonus points for reading my blog, so you'll end up with a C overall.
why do the british not show emotions?
We do, but we do it in such a refined and sophisticated way that you just can't see it.
why do people die when they get stot in the head and who studies it
which drugs are considered dopamine agitators
Many drugs agitate dopamine - the poor neurotransmitter just can't stand to be around them. Sometimes it gets quite upset, and has to sit down and have a stiff drink when they finally leave the synapse.

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