Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent 13' X9'

"Mom!, Detonating me dad!"

several days ago that I write about the little steps you were taking this past month.
We enjoyed a great school starts, too many achievements surprised us and made us extremely happy, Dad and me, because no matter how small, for us is infinitely vast. Are these achievements the help us to maintain hope and strength to keep fighting for you and continue to give battle to this enormous challenge that life put us on the road.

Your speech and language are improving day by day.
Now you're talking more, we must find a way to follow giving a sense of communication and your words every time you hear about alone, many times you are performing an activity that reminds you of something you saw on the TV, something they witnessed in the garden or something you did during the day and started talking about it alone, and when we will look at and you say, "What price?", sometimes not seem to listen and keep on your fictional dialogue.
Too many times I hear that to some situation and I answer you wonder to yourself giving in response to your questions the answers that many times we offer you in certain situations. For example, when when we are eating dinner while you crave a dessert or a glass of lemonade (I try to give as little as possible) and which you ask me, saying, "Mommy give me coca po 'favorable?" or "mama post kero po 'favorable'" I answer very firmly, "Not now Valen, if you eat the food as a reward mom gives you, but first you have to eat everything."
Now that seems to retain whatever one says, because as I said on other occasions you have a tremendous memory, when you fancy some of these things and I ask and I tell you: "Valen, later, not now", you look me alone and I say, "Do you want coca ?, eat potatoes and coca give you. " As contestándote wondering to yourself and my usual response.

Despite this, makes us happy to hear you talk and have faith that you will do a little more sense and better singing phrases, as sometimes using a monotone voice when talking or say something, anything it is very normal in children with your diagnosis and what we must keep working.

This effort, to give a sense your words and use them properly, we have seen a lot in recent days.
Without going any further, last Thursday, we could not help laughing with your dad to listen as you told me indignantly that he had challenged you in my absence: as every Thursday, I went home for an hour of my dance class arabe (which I served, by the way, as therapy to release tension, is very productive, lol!) and you will stay with Dad, of course I'm more relaxed because luckily this place where my class teacher is almost in front of my house, into an artistic center.
order not to make too late I came from and start preparing food, your dad bathed that afternoon. But now you have a new skill when doing a "duck water", if a soap falls into your hands, you start to enjoy ice cream like a very confident saying: "Mmm what doctor!" (How delicious!). Of course not let you do that and you remove them again and again, or hide until you finish your bath. That afternoon, apparently we go again with that issue and challenged dad when you put the soap that I was lathering at the mouth. You tell him, "Mom, Mom, I detonated, Mom!". Your father, as is often usual, did not understand what you mean and you just said, "Mom you challenged?", Thinking that you had That meant, to which you, looking at him, not answered.
when I got home, he'd left the bathroom and dad was drying and putting on pajamas. As soon as I saw the bedroom door watching with a smile and greeting you, you told me with a face of indignation: "Mom, my Dad detonation!" "How dared you Dad?!" "And why are you challenged ?! "I said making me amazed at such a declaration, to which you answered me:" Soap mouth, noooo! "," I challenged because you put the soap in your mouth? " I said and you told me seriously: "Yes." I could not hold
laughter when your dad told me what you said in the bath when the incident happened soap and told me tempted to laugh: "Ahh ... I thought you told me what had challenged ... of course!, which I meant was that you would tell me I challenged him, hehehe!.

Another thing that gives me more happiness is that before when I went to get the garden at noon and walk to the bus stop, I wondered, "Valen, Silvi you did today and the kids?", You do not say nothing, still chasing the pigeons in the square when we crossed without even looking at me, like I do not listen.
Now, in your language, your way, told me of what you did in the morning: "Ball, Francisco, beat, and Ariba, which means that you played ball with Matias Francisco and pulling up. Or if you paint or draw I say: "Painting as well!" and show me how to paint with your fingers scribbling in the air. Yesterday
without going any further, as we went by taxi to your music therapy session, when I asked you what you did, you said: "Eteban ball, fell to floor, so (and I threw lying along the car seat) , flat bad bad bad ", which I interpreted as your friend Esteban playing ball with you had fallen to the floor.
makes me happy to share with me what you did in the garden, or things that happened to you or what happened to your friends. That's something I thought hard to achieve. Of course you still have your days in what is not told me anything, and you look to the horizon when I ask. In those days I insitirte a little more for me to look and interpret what I'm asking you, many times we maintain the dialogue, and many do not. But little by little we are getting it.

We must continue working hard to keep giving small step for step, but together little by little we going to do and mom will still be here to continue celebrating sign a new word, every intention you have to communicate with me and with your environment, even if he is your way and more than just mom knows how to join individual words and phrases to understand what I mean.
A year ago these things were unthinkable horrors and suffering they can not get any word from your mouth, despite the stimulation that Rachel, you neurolinguist and we will we took day after day.
Now I can have a dialogue with you, for more triviality, and that is to celebrate and party like we like bold mine: with many kisses, hugs and thousands of:
!!!!!! Okay Valen !!!!!!

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