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Earth Angels ... Data

God was in heaven watching men acted on Earth. Among them, the desolation reigned ...

"More than six billion human beings are too few to reach the divine magnificence of love," sighed Mr.

The father saw many warring brothers, husbands and wives who did not complete its shortcomings, rich and poor sections, distant healthy and sick, that good day assembled an army of angels and said:

- Have you considered humans? ... Need help! ... You'll have to come down to earth.

- We? asked the angels excited, scared and excited, but full of faith.

"Yes you are indicated. No one else could accomplish this task. Listen!: When I created man, I did my image and likeness, but with special talents for everyone. I allowed

differences between them so that together they formed the kingdom. So I planned. Reach some wealth to share with the poor. Others would enjoy good health to care for the sick. Some scholars and others would be very simple to procure including feelings of love, admiration and respect. The good should pray for those who act like ill. The patient tolerated the neurotic. In short, my plans have met that man enjoys from the earth, the eternal happiness. And to do that, you bajaréis with them!

- What is it? angels asked worried.

"As men have forgotten that I did different in order to complete each other and form the body of my beloved Son, as it seems they do not realize that different want to achieve perfection, bajaréis with free awards. And she gave each one his task:

You have excellent memory and concentration: You will be blind.

You will be telling your body and very creative to express yourself: You will be deaf.

You have deep thoughts, write books, be a poet: You will have cerebral palsy.

I will give you the gift of love and be him, there will be many others like you across the Earth and there is no distinction as to race because you'll face, eyes, hands and body like blood brothers: You will have Down syndrome.

You will be very small in stature, and your sympathy and sense of humor come through Sky: You will dwarf.

You enjoy the creation as I planned for men. You will have an intellectual disability and while others worry about the scientific and technological advances: You enjoy watching an ant, a flower. You will be happy, very happy that love to all and not do any trial.

You live on Earth, but your mind will remain in heaven you rather hear my voice to the men: have autism.

You will be working like no other: You'll be missing arms and legs and all with mouth. And last angel said: You'll be a genius, I'll take the wings before reaching the ground and come down with the back hollowed, men repair your body, but you need to succeed ingeniártelas:'ll mielomeningocelle, which means honey wine sky.

Angels were happy with the distinction of the Lord, but they caused great sadness to have to depart from heaven to fulfill its mission.

- How long we will live without seeing? How much time away from you?.

"Do not worry, I'll be with you day. In addition, this will be only 60 or 80 years land.

"Okay, Father. Will be as you say: 80 years is a moment in the eternal clock. Here we see after a while they said in unison and angels came down to earth moved. Each

reached the womb of a mother. There were formed for 6, 7, 8 or 9 months. At birth, they were greeted with profound pain, fear and distress caused. Some parents refused the task, others took angry, others cast blame to dissolve their marriage and others wept with love and accepted the duty.

Whatever the case, as the angels know their mission and their virtues are faith, hope and charity, among others, all governed by love, they have been able to forgive, and patiently go through life illuminating to anyone that wanted to love. Angels continue to fall to the ground with higher spirits and limited bodies keep coming as long as humanity on the planet.

God wants them to be among us to give us the opportunity to work for them, to learn from them. And work is to serve: serve is to live and live to love, because life gave us for that. He who does not live to serve not serve to live.

If you have an angel in home care for him and learn from him because God has chosen you and not him ... is a valuable gift that few have, but many despise it so you have advantage of the gifts he has and works, it works, lives and loves.

Author: Unknown

Every time I read this text, I was deeply moved ... I'm sure many already know, but it's nice to read it again, and no, expect the enjoyed and that has excited as much as me.

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