Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote Neuroskeptic 2010!

So, wow. Neuroskeptic is a finalist for the Awards, in the categories of Research Blog of the Year and Post of the Year.

I'm honoured to have made it into the Top 10 alongside great blogs such as Neurophilosophy, Not Exactly Rocket Science and Science-Based Medicine, all of which I read before I began blogging and which helped inspired me to start. Thanks to everyone who nominated me, and of course, to the judges,

Anyway, the winners will be chosen by a vote of members. Voting will be open for one week from March 4 - i.e. later today - to March 11. So if you think science blogging is important, and you think that Neuroskeptic deserves the $1000 top prize, please vote. Or if you wouldn't trust me with that kind of money, you could at least vote for the Best Post prize of $50 for my post on the voodoo correlations in fMRI issue (post). Or you could even do both.

Don't forget to vote in the other categories too. The finalists for Best Blog -- Health, Best Blog -- Psychology, and Best Blog -- Neuroscience are all excellent, so it'll be a tough choice.

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Finalist

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