Sunday, April 24, 2011


Next week is going to be very hard for me. It's the last week of the semester, so there will be a lot of stuff to do to wrap up the academic year. Since I'm the person responsible for cooking in our house, my plan was to dedicate today to preparing food in advance for the week to come. I was going to make these delicious Russian meatballs that I love and post the recipe on my blog.

So we got up this morning and headed to the grocery store only to discover that all the grocery stores in town are closed today. The reason why we were frustrated in our search of food is that today is Easter Sunday.

I find this completely appalling, people. I thought that, in spite of everything, this was still a secular country. I thought that the very purpose of its creation was to make sure that people could do whatever they wanted to in terms of religion. That everybody should sit hungry because some people think that something that matters to them took place two thousand years ago, makes absolutely no sense. Closing everything down for religious holidays of just one denomination is simply barbaric.

And please don't tell me that everything is closed down because all customers are in church and nobody would come anyways. We are now at Denny's, which is one of the very few places that's open, and I've never seen it so full. Walmart also looks open (you can say what you want about Walmart but it's very inspiring to see a company that puts business above somebody's fanaticism), and the parking lot in front of it is filled with cars. We are a university town, and the number of people for whom the word "Easter" means nothing is high.

If anybody is aware of any other religious occasions of the ruling religious group (besides Christmas) where everything is likely to close down, please tell me. I want to be prepared for those days when the religious folks celebrate by inconveniencing everybody else.

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