Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quit With the Images!

Recently, I wrote about my annoyance with people who include huge, slow-loading images into the body of their emails. Since that post, I have discovered that some folks take this irksome habit even further. We are at the end of the semester, and everybody's Inboxes are filled with emails from students, colleagues and administrators. Many of those emails include important attachments that are huge in size. To give an example, my students are submitting their oral exams in .wav files that occupy a lot of space. If the Inbox overflows, the university will freeze my account, and it will take a while to unfreeze it and get my stuff back. Obviously, this is something we are all trying to avoid.

And, of course, this is precisely the moment that an inconsiderate colleague chooses to send an invitation to his talk in an email that consists of an unwieldy message with a set of useless but huge graphics in the body of the message. They take forever to load and clutter up the mailbox. I wouldn't have blogged about something like this, of course, had it not been for the fact that this colleague immediately resent the same huge graphics-ridden email to everybody with a note that the indefinite article in line 4 from the bottom should be substituted with the definite article. And then he sent the whole thing once again to remind us of his event. And then he sent it once more. 

I really wonder if anybody will come to this colleague's talk after such a show of disrespect from him.

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