Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Not to Care About the Royal Wedding

As I scroll down the blogroll of the blogs I follow, I see half a dozen of posts that are based on the following template:
Of course, I don't care about the stupid royal wedding. I'm a feminist and I just simply have better things to do that to notice, like other people who are less feminist and progressive than I am, that the bride's dress is [a long description] and her hair is [another long description.] How the hell does she manage do keep that hair so damn shiny, anyways? Although, I, for one, couldn't care less how that is done. And the entire ceremony is [an extremely long description.] But it's not like I'd waste a second of my precious time watching that stupid ceremony along with some silly fans of meaningless royalty.
Based on how many posts people have published about the royal wedding today, they must really and truly not care about it. 

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