Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Deportations

Almost immediate deportations of people who are in the country on work visas and lose their jobs don't just hurt these people and their families. I mean, if it were just them, who cares, right? They are immigrants which means that they are not fully human anyways. To hell with those losers.

However, actual real American citizens get hurt by these deportations, too. Even worse than that, businesses get hurt, which is the real tragedy. Let's say a person has lived in the country for several years. Dr. Calvo, for example, has been in the US for ten years. Within that period of time, people put down roots, which is kind of unavoidable. A person gets to have either a mortgage or a rental agreement. It is highly probably that s/he leases a car and has a credit card, which probably carries a balance. There are people (once again, actual citizens) who depend on that person for professional or any other kind of services, favors, support, etc. Maybe this person volunteers, is active in a church, participates in a book club, has a timeshare, has been asked to be a best man or a bridesmaid at a wedding, is in the midst of directing an Honors thesis or a Senior Essay, promised to review a book for somebody, is scheduled to speak at a conference or is even organizing that conference, is collaborating on a project, co-authoring an article - I could obviously continue this list to the point where this would be my longest post ever. So if such a person has to pack up and leave within a month, all of these individuals, companies and institutions that depend on him or her will be screwed. 

If a person were given a reasonable amount of time (let's say, six months at a minimum), they could try to find another job or at least get their affairs in order, pack without a hurry, make sure that things are taken care of. So whose interests do these immediate deportations serve? If a person has been in the country for years, what will an extra year change?

P.S. I want to warn everybody in advance that this is a touchy subject with me. So unless you are an immigrant who lost your work visa in the past 2-3 years, don't come here telling me that such things don't happen. You'll just make a fool out of yourself.

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